Monday, January 2, 2012

Poetry = Food

I thought for my first (re-vamped) post, I would share the Richard Wilbur poem that inspired the title for this blog. I really have no other goal here other than to post happy, encouraging, fun, inspiring, funny, beautiful, redemptive or common-grace-filled things that I love that make me smile. That's it. Perhaps there should be a deeper reason but I don't think there needs to be. Poetry is food to my soul, it is both exciting and comforting, images and text. I hope that makes sense to you. So here you go:

A Simile for Her Smile

Your smiling, or the hope, the thought of it,
Makes in my mind such pause and abrupt ease
As when the highway bridgegates fall,
Balking the hasty traffic, which must sit
On each side massed and staring, while
Deliberately the drawbridge starts to rise:

The horns are hushed, the oilsmoke rarefies,
Above the idling motors one can tell
The packet's smooth approach, the slip,
Slip of the silken river past the sides,
The ringing of clear bells, the dip
And slow cascading of the paddle wheel.
– Richard Wilbur.

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