Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tutorial: 10 Minute Headband

So, a couple of weeks ago I got a sewing machine. Living in a small town (after only ever living in big cities) and not loving the cost of online shopping/not being able to try clothes, you have to come up with alternative ways of finding cute clothes. My solution (due in large part to Pinterest and the local love of sewing) has been to learn how to sew myself. So far, I have made a lace shirt to go over a cami or a dress (with a skinny belt and leggings) and a headband. Here is a picture of my headband I made from scraps of fabric my friend gave me.

(Note, I make awkward faces when Im getting my picture taken, so I usually just choose to 'own' it and make my own awkward/sassy face).

To make:

- Using a soft tape measurer, measure the circumference of where you like to wear your headbands
- Find a cute scrap of fabric that you like and measure it to that length and play with how wide you'd like it to be and pin on both sides. I wanted mine to be 60s Mod-ish so I made it relatively wide.
- Sew both sides
- Your headband should now look like a long rectangle. Fit to make sure it is appropriately tight or loose on your head
- With matching or coordinating fabric/ribbon/string, make miniature versions of your big rectangle for straps to tie your ends together, and sew to each end of the headband.
-Wear and enjoy!